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      She had lifted herself into a sitting position, she who had not been able to sit up for many days past.

      Tabitha received the comfortable gift with rapturous thanks. That Captain Martin should have thought of her, so far away, with his head full of fighting, and with death looking him in the face! It was too much, and the tears rolled down her honest cheeks as she thanked him.

      I think Ive got a bullet in my leg, he said. The fact is, he continued, modestly, I got into a little row at Dogs Ear Camp, and just as I was riding off a fellow fired and hit me in the leg. I scarcely noticed it at the time; but just now I felt faint, and tumbled off my horse.

      [Pg 258]

      But Bergan took it all quietly, gravely,almost indifferently. The cloud had settled back upon his brow, and never stirred for any compliment, or congratulation, or friendliness. Most persons attributed it to wounded pride, not yet healed. In the midst of the ovation, they believed that he kept a rankling remembrance of the coldness and neglect which had preceded it. One observer only, a little clearer eyed than the rest, said to him:

      "And when she is gone, what will you do without your devoted companion? Who will nurse you and take care of you?""Just as I expected," said the doctor, calmly.


      Look here, boys; I let you come up here that you may see Ralda herself and learn from her own lips that she is going of her own free will. Shes come into a slice of luck. He did not mention the amount for the simple reason that he felt it would destroy all credence in the minds of his audience, and make them suspect that he was tricking them. Her people have turned up, andshes got to go. I guess Three Star isnt going to stand in the way of her good fortune.


      Oh, said Norman, vaguely, hes tallnot too talland what you women call graceful; all muscle, and not an ounce of fat. He can knock a man down with a straight one from the shoulder.


      "You have cheated me out of my love," he repeated slowly. "Does that mean that you lied to me that night in Londonthat you perjured yourself, calling God to witness that you were pure and true?"